What Is Fibre?

We realized older traditional wallets were not as sufficient as they should be, often times being a nuisance in your pocket rather than a holder.
With time, we conceived the notion of a wallet resolving these flaws while utilizing high caliber materials and premium aesthetics.
We are redefining the wallet.
By taking an every-day essential and modernizing it with significant features that don’t sacrifice function.
Our Fibre wallets have been meticulously manufactured for you to carry your cards and/or bills effectively and efficiently. With much more security and space than an older traditional wallet, the Fibre wallets presents a more prime lifestyle accompanied by solidity and dexterity.
We value new experiences… and Fibre wallets resemble a prime example of simplicity with added elegancy. This is a gentle reminder to seek innovation in the simplest orders and truly live life, the way it was meant to be lived. Our new Fibre brand, is amongst those innovations.
-The Fibre Brand